MACKENZIE'S OWNSvedka Vodka or Bombay Gin served straight up with olives$12.00

THE CHOP HOUSE MANHATTANBuffalo Trace is the foundation of this skyscraper$12.00

007Stoli vodka and Beefeaters gin. Shaken, not stirred, with an anchovy - stuffed olive$12.00

BLEU MOONBombay Sapphire shaken cold with bleu cheese olives$12.00

CHILLI PEPPARAbsolut Peppar and spice, garnished with a pepperoncini and jalepeno stuffed olive$12.00

THE DIRTY BIRDIEGrey Goose vodka topped with olive juice. Served with classic olives$12.00

MANHATTAN GONE A-RYETempleton Rye in a twist on the traditional Sazerac$13.00


THE C NOTEChopin Vodka straight up with a Melody of of Olives$12.00


THE DOWNTOWN COSMOPOLITANMade with Van Gogh Citroen, the best in town$12.00

RUBY RED COSMOPOLITANTry this grapefruit twist on an old favorite with Absolut Ruby Red$12.00

THE LEMON DROPVan Gogh Citroen, fresh lemon and a splash of sweetness. With a sugared rim$12.00

GRANNY SMITHVan Gogh Citroen and Apple liqueur combine in this taste pleaser$12.00

THE CARAMEL APPLEOne a day will definitely keep the doctor away$12.00

STRAWBERRY FIELDFresh blended strawberries mixed with vodka and strawberry liquer$12.00

THE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERLeopold Brothers Siliver Tree Vodka and Three Pins Liquor will take your breath away$12.00

RED VELVET LEMONADEStoli Raspberry Vodka and Saint Germain are this base of this smooth refreshment$12.00

CHERRY LEMONADEThe ultimate in refreshment on a hot summer’s day. Sonic, eat your heart out!$12.00

THE POMATINIThis Bold Drink is Just Daring You to Try It!$12.00

THE SOPHISTICATEAbsolut Ruby Red, Saint Germain, and Champagne$13.00

KILLER COOL-AIDVodka, peach schnapps and amaretto with cranberry juice for this adult twist$12.00

THE FRENCH KISSGrey Goose Orange, Midori and a splash of orange make up this tongue teaser$12.00

SIDE CAR NOIRA traditional Side Car made with Cointreau Noir$12.00

EL TEQUINIHornitos, Cointreau and Grand Marnier in this twist on Margarita’s classic$12.00

JAMAICAN MELON BALLMalibu rum, Midori and citrus juices make up this tropical getaway$12.00

BILL, FOR SHORTVodka, Basil, Fresh Strawberries, Jalapeño Simple Syrup, and Lime are a less than ordinary combo!$13.00

KENTUCKY COOLERBuffalo Trace, Ginger Stirrings and Saint Germain to cool down the summer$12.00


ESPRESS YOURSELFVan Gogh espresso and Leopold Brothers Coffee Liqueur join for this after dinner Drink$12.00

CHOCOLATE COVERED RAZZBERRYThe name says everything in this House Favorite$12.00

MINT KISSVodka, chocolate, mint, cream and a chocolate rim. MMMMM$12.00

THE MUDSLIDEMocha, Chocolate, and Vanilla Slide together in this delicious treat$12.00

ALMOND JOYAn Almond Joy served in a glass with a chocolate rim. For big kids only$12.00

HEATH BARA creamy blend of Stoli Vanil, Caramel and chocolate$12.00